Flash Women's Basketball

Strong Shooters, Fundamentals and Women

Flash Competitive WBB offers competitive teams 4th grade through high-school that compete primarily in local and regional leagues and tournaments.  Read about the goals of the WBB program here.

  • Competitive 3rd-8th: A year-round program designed with at least 4 seasons (Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter).  Tryouts are held each season for teams that compete in local leagues/tournaments. Seasons vary from 6-8 weeks in length with 2 practices a week and about 10-12 games.

  • Extended Middle School: A year-round program designed with 2 extended seasons (combined Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter) that have a high commitment to extended practices and more games.  Based on the team interest, level and age, travel games maybe optionally added.  Extended Middle School teams are invitation only based on tryouts.

  • High School Travel: A seasonal high school program with seasons in Fall and a combined Spring-Summer season designed around high-school winter season and June open sessions to allow players to fully participate in their high school basketball program, but to travel and compete in high level national tournaments.

Contact: dave@teamflash.org | 971-348-7300 (M)