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What We’re All About

The F.L.A.S.H. Mission Statement has remained at the core of Oregon Flash as we have grown to be one of the largest youth basketball and baseball organizations in the State of Oregon with over 800 kids involved in at least one of our competitive programs.  Flash strives to be the preeminent player development program in the Portland Metro area.  Our coaches are hired and continuously evaluated specifically for their aptitude in providing a positive coaching experience.   FLASH is a program that takes your child's development as a player, person and future business leader more seriously than wins and losses in a youth sports league.

Our goal is to not just teach a player a bunch of plays that may work a few times, but instead to teach players how to play the game forever; lessons that translate into every aspect of life.  We work to pass those lessons that come from competitive sports-- teamwork, facing adversity, relentless preparation, sportsmanship, and performing under pressure -- to the youth of the Portland metro Area.

Contact Jon Lee for more information on FLASH.

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