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Welcome to our blog

Updated: Feb 7

My name is Jon Lee and I'm the Founder/Director at Team Flash Athletics, which includes Flash League, a recreational basketball program for boys and girls K-4th grade and Oregon Flash Basketball, a competitive basketball program for boys and girls 3rd-High School.

Flash, now in our 8th year is re-committing to us being a development-first program that serves our players in a way that will allow them to reach their full potential. This blog is where you'll gain some insights and struggles as we take on this important mission. I hope that you will get a sense of the 'why' behind what we are doing and also feel the 'heart' behind our organization. We invite you along this journey as we celebrate some wins, analyze some mistakes, and fight to keep going for the benefit of our players.

You will find contributions to this blog from various people from the Flash organization who will share their perspective on the impact they hope to have in building not just basketball players, but outstanding young men and women.

Stay tuned....

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